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Voltas Forklift Refurbishment

Tyre Handler

Our offered Tyre Handler provides a safer, more efficient way to perform tyre maintenance on earthmoving equipment. These are fully adaptable to loaders, tele-handlers and tool carriers. They also incorporate standard features like body and pad rotation combined with side shift function and a quick hitch for convenience. The accessories such as crane jibs and fork frames can also be added. Other features are 30° main body rotation, 120° pad rotation, heavy-duty slew ring for body rotation, four-function control box for operation, and hydraulic kit.

Paper Roll Clamp

Meeting the paper roll industry’s requirement for damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency, Times Marketing Pvt. Ltd. offers a full line of paper roll clamp and the damage reduction options to handle paper rolls regardless of their diameter, weight or paper type. This rugged paper roll clamp handle paper rolls of every size for various industries from stevedoring to printing. As paper rolls are manufactured in a great variety of dimensions; varying printing processes and paper grades set different requirements we offer every suitable clamps.

Ram For Steel Coils

Our offered Ram for steel coils offers a solution to coil handling needs. These are manufactured from the highest quality steel and workmanship and are available in multiple diameters and lengths and also available in different class mountings. These are a must have for anyone handling steel coils or aluminum coils. If anyhow the size that you are looking for is not shown in the description here please contact and we can help you in any way possible.

Bale Clamps

No matter if it is for the transportation of materials in the recycling industry or loading and unloading of trucks or railway wagons: transportation of non-palletized products and goods makes the most different demands for truck attachments. We offer a huge variety of special bale clamps, which always ensures that you get the best device for the different material handling tasks. Based on a modular construction method all of our clamps have an identical robust, view-optimized basic construction profile. They differ only concerning the load-carrying capacity and width.

Drum Clamps

Drum handling can be a risky task and potentially a recipe for back injury. Eliminate this risk by using one of our drum clamps. From drum clamps and grips to drum grabbers and lifters, our entire range of drum handling equipment has been in service throughout all industries for over the decades and are highly accepted in the market. Choose the type of drum clamp you will be handling and browse the best one for you. Or check our full drum handling range and discover how these drum clamps can benefit you.

360 Deg Rotator

3-Drum Prongs

Stokers For Foundry Applications