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Atlas Copco Vaccum Pump

Oil Sealed Vane Pump

Oil sealed vane pump is used in all areas of vacuum engineering. It is equally suited for both industrial production and also for research applications. It might also be used to generate rough and medium vacuum or as backing pumps in pump combinations with roots vacuum pumps or high vacuum pumps. The rotary vane pumps are built as one- or two stage pumps and the ultimate pressure range depends on the variant of the pump.
A vane pump works via positive displacement, which is when volumes of air or gas are confined and are compressed when the space is mechanically reduced.

Oil Sealed Screw Pump

Our range of oil sealed screw pump feature Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology and also an intelligent control. The range delivers impressive on-demand performance capability and also optimizes energy consumption. The highly efficient patented oil separator design reduces maintenance costs. The temperature management control enables unrivaled water handling capability.
It saves energy around 50 percent, offers a variable speed drive (VSD) and an innovative inlet control valve produce a leap forward in efficiency to dramatically reduce lifecycle costs. It offers significantly better performance against benchmarked oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps.

Dry Claw Pump

Dry claw pump plays an important role in many vacuum applications and environments. The main advantage of the hydrocarbon free pumps is that there is no lubrication in the main pumping chamber this keeps the environment clean; besides reliability is guaranteed with its stainless steel claw elements.
We offer reliability you can trust, thousands of claw elements continue to work quietly and efficiently in all corners of the world. Simplicity that saves you maintenance and simple but robust design helps to keep maintenance costs low.

Vaccum Pump And Accessories

Times Marketing Pvt. Ltd. carries a wide assortment of vacuum pump and accessories to aid in laboratory vacuum filtration processes and tests, including pharmaceuticals, microorganism testing in food, drinking water tests, and more. We offer numerous accessories necessary to work along with vacuum pumps that you can find right here; like oil mist outlets, filter cartridges, chemical resistant hoses, vacuum regulator/moisture traps, tubing sets, vacuum pump oil, air outlets/copper mufflers, vacuum pump exhaust filters, repair kits, lubricant, silicone tubes, etc.

DZS 150 Dry Claw Vacuum Pump

LRP VSD Plus Series Vacuum Pump

GHS 350-5400 VSD

GVS VSD+ Series

GVS 16-630 A

LRP VSD+ Series

DZS VSD+ Series

DZS VSD+ Series

DZS and DZM VSD Series

DHS VSD+ Series

AWS & AWD Series

GVD 0.7-275

DRB 250-2000

ZRS 250-4200

ELEC CAB Range controllers and starter panel

ES central controllers

Liquid separator / Vacuum filter

Vacuum receiver tank

See through liquid separator

Compact inlet vacuum filters

Extreme duty Cyclone pre-filter with inline see through fine filter

Oil Mist Discharge Filters

Heavy Duty Liquid Separator and Filter combo