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Single Girder Crane

Single Girder Crane

Single girder crane from Times Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a lifting machine with lifting hooks or other take-up devices to achieve vertical lifting and horizontal transport of heavy objects. These cranes are generally used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse and other places. The single girder crane is not suitable for use in the transport of molten metal, flammable materials, red-hot metal, and dangerous goods, nor for explosives, corrosive gases, fire hazards, and relative humidity greater than 85% the work of the place. These crane features simple structure, lightweight, a small load on the plant, and low power consumption. The main and end beam are bolted, disassembled, supplemented, transported, with spare parts convenient, small wheel pressure, easy maintenance, and quick installation.

12.5 Ton EKKE Single Girder Overhead Crane

EKKE Single Girder Crane

10 Ton EKKE Single Girder Crane

5 Ton EKKE Single Girder Crane